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Welcome to Teachit Citizenship: KS3–KS4 teaching resources for Citizenship and PSHE

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A diversity of teaching materials!

Not everyone is teaching Citizenship or PSHE as discrete subjects and so there's scope for diversity! That's why we're now publishing shorter activities as well as complete lessons, including some wonderfully flexible templates and interactives – ideal for revision.

If you are looking for a complete Citizenship lesson, you can find them all in our Citizenship resource collections.

Lucy Palmer

Light bulb

Earth Day (22 April 2014) is an American initiative to 'green every school in America within a generation'. Set students the challenge of doing the same here!

The theme this year is Green cities, so these resources could be particularly useful:

PSHE topics cards

PSHE topics cards

Handy information cards for students and sources sheets for teachers. They include tasks to do in and out of class. The topics so far are: the environmentdrugsHIV and AIDS.

Teaching templates

Teaching templates

Versatile blank games templates, guidelines for holding a debate, self-assessment frameworks and more. They come with examples and teaching ideas where appropriate. Available via our Citizenship or our PSHE collections.

Interactive resources

Interactive resources

The star symbols in our resource listings are interactive activities to accompany the printable resources and PowerPoint materials. As a subscriber or published contributor, you can adapt them, save them or even make your own from scratch.

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