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KS3 and KS4 Citizenship teaching links


Our links page is WIKI! You can add, edit or delete links and even create whole new sections. Use this page to help other teachers find other great websites and resources by suggesting new sites or adding comments to existing links.
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Teaching and learning resources
Association for Citizenship Teaching Resources, news, advice and CPD from the professional subject association for Citizenship.

The PSHE Association Resources, news, advice and CPD from the subject association for PSHE.

Webinar – Learning and teaching in Citizenship and PSHE Proven top tips from Amjad Ali, deputy head and trained Citizenship and PSHE teacher. Essential viewing for anyone starting out teaching either subject.

Agility – the teaching toolkit Free teaching and learning resources from Amjad Ali, deputy head and trained Citizenship and PSHE teacher.

UK Youth Parliament Run by young people, UKYP provides opportunities for 11-18-year-olds to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.

Hansard Society A dynamic Citizenship Education Programme working with young people through schools and colleges to educate and inform them about parliamentary democracy and develop innovative ways to involve them in participatory democratic activities.

YouTube: What is a Council? A Public Information Film produced by which explains what a council is using Enfield Council in North London as a model. Suitable for KS 3 & 4.

Youth Amplified A free website designed to increase the basic skills of speaking, listening and formulating an argument. The project is funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, one of the larger independent grant-making foundations in the UK, which is concerned with children and young people, and others who are disadvantaged.

Barnado's Year 7 Lesson Plans Five interactive lesson plans designed to teach Year 7 pupils how to analyse communication materials effectively. At the same time pupils will learn about the contemporary issues that vulnerable children in the UK face. Each lesson plan is complete with exciting support material and homework to aid your pupils’ learning.

Actionwork: anti-bullying week, resources and roadshow Anti-bullying shows, workshops, training and resources. Actionwork also provide creative programmes dealing with drug misuse, relationships, cyberbullying, racism, homophobia and empowerment.

Community Service Volunteers (CSV) Voluntary Organisation. Schools and youth organisations can request free Citizenship lesson

Citizenship Foundation The Citizenship Foundation is an independent education and participation charity that exists to encourage and enable individuals to play an effective role in democratic society.

BBC Citizenship The BBC has created a online Citizenship section within their website. It includes a link to ‘Newsround’ which offers child friendly news reports on topical issues.

Be Fearless @ Fearless is the new youth brand from the charity Crimestoppers. Download the new Fearless Primary and Secondary resources from the site.

British Red Cross Looking for imaginative teaching tools that are simple adaptable? British Red Cross resources have relevance across many subjects and curricula. They are flexible in purpose and save you time. Our resources develop young people’s understanding of humanitarian issues and their confidence, willingness and ability to take action to help themselves and others

CND CND Peace Education provides young people with knowledge on peace and nuclear issues, and empowers them to form their own opinions. This is achieved through free resources for Key Stages 2 to 5 and free interactive schools workshops.

Crown Prosecution Service resources The CPS has two lessons to offer KS3 and KS4 students based around the Citizenship curriculum. The lessons are interactive and educational, demonstrating the role of the CPS within the Criminal Justice System, and how young and vulnerable witnesses can be assisted in court to give their best evidence.

European Studies Programme The European Studies Programme is a post-primary curriculum based programme linking schools in Ireland with schools across Europe through sustained collaborative projects furthering tolerance, mutual understanding and appreciation of the cultures of others.

Christian Aid Help your pupils understand the lives of children in other countries and the issues that affect them. Christian Aid's Learn website is packed with free teaching materials on issues such as fair trade, poverty and climate change. You can explore the world from your classroom with Global Explorers, a free interactive whiteboard resource featuring children from around the world, and download ready-to-use monthly assemblies on topical global issues. Visit from your classroom with Global Explorers, our interactive whiteboard resource. And check out our monthly assemblies, packed with stories from around the world. Visit

Equality & Human Rights Commission Free online teacher training and education resource to help teach equality and human rights at Key Stage 3. The resource offers an exciting range of lesson plan ideas and multimedia, including innovative videos, to help bring topics such as diversity, discrimination, equality law and human rights to life in the classroom.

MyUK An exciting new resource from Parliament’s Education Service. Players take charge of Britain as the prime minister. They choose and pass new laws, customise their country and pursue their personal vision of the UK. Launching Wednesday 7th September 2011.

Newsthink Newsthink, from the British Red Cross, is a free fortnightly email which explores current headlines in the news and provides teachers with activities, videos, photos and discussion triggers. Designed primarily for KS3 and 4, but could also be used with older secondary students.

Parliament's Education Service Parliament's Education Service aims to inform and engage young people about democracy and Parliament, and empower them to get involved. We offer online, print and DVD classroom resources, an exciting range of visits to Parliament, and an outreach programme including events and training for teachers. Our services are free and have been designed to support the political literacy and citizenship requirements of the national curricula in the UK. Visit our website where you can control a House of Commons debate, answer a quiz as you clean Big Ben, watch video tips from MPs and Lords, and create your own interactive diagram of Parliament and government.

Paying for It The Citizenship Foundation’s ‘Paying for It’ is an free educational programme that helps you to develop your students’ economic awareness by providing resources to explore the relationship between the economy, government, society.’ Free resources include teacher training, a range of free lesson plans are created by experienced educational specialists and Chance to be Chancellor, an online educational challenge that allows students to share their opinions on the UK’s economy and win great prizes.

RSPCA RSPCA education aims to prevent animal cruelty by supporting teachers to develop informed, responsible and active citizens.The website contains free teaching resources including citizenship based curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans, as well as advice and guidance for schools. We also provide free INSET.

Sentencing: You be the Judge A video-based interactive guide which takes students through four criminal cases. They hear the evidence, discuss the aggravating and mitigating factors, and then decide on the sentence. Afterwards, they get to compare it with the real sentence.

Shelterbox ShelterBox Challenges for Schools features 5 creative challenges that provide a platform for global exploration and discovery, whilst giving insight into international disaster relief. All resources are designed to be cross-curricular and cover areas of the National Curriculum (KS1-3). ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity specialising in emergency shelter.

The Big Give Philanthropy in Schools Programme: An online 4 week programme designed to inspire the next generation of philanthropists. Students are asked to research charities of their choice and then donate a charitable voucher, before explaining their choice in a presentation. The project links financial literacy, research and oral presentation skills with community engagement and citizenship.

The RED Team The RED Team is a growing youth network for schools and students and encourages students to lead on their own campaigns to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable people affected by natural and man-made disasters.

Unions into Schools The TUC’s ‘Unions into Schools’ website ( provides learning materials for use in secondary school classrooms, primarily aimed at citizenship but also business, history and other subjects. There are 5 units to choose from, each with a set of teachers’ notes and a 45 minute presentation, including activities and factsheets.

Visual Geography Geography website which collects stunning photographs, useful images and other information about countries all over the world.

Twitter @TeachitCitizen Keep up-to-date with resources, events, developments and relevant current affairs stories for Citizenship and PSHE teaching.

Technology for teaching
Teacher's Pet Text Tool for Teachers: The Teacher's Pet Text Tool is a free add-on for Microsoft Word that can help you transform any text into a fun classroom activity. Developed by a teacher, here are just some of the things the tool can do: Crosswords Flashcards Bingo Cards Jumbles Gap-fill / Cloze tests.

Advice and support for teachers
Webinar – Learning and teaching in Citizenship and PSHE Proven top tips from Amjad Ali, deputy head and trained Citizenship and PSHE teacher. Essential viewing for anyone starting out teaching either subject.

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